Saturday, October 27, 2007

Quelch’s 5 Rules for Successful (global) Brands:

Via Found+Read: from Harvard Working Knowledge , marketing guru John Quelch on "How To Build a Global Brand"

1. The same positioning worldwide. (For F|R: this means in every market.) This provides a combination of functional product quality and innovation with emotional appeal. Think Coca-Cola.

2. A focus on a single product category. Think Nokia and Intel.

3. The company name is the brand name. All marketing dollars are concentrated on that one brand. Think GE and IBM. (F|R: Hewlett-Packard learned this the hard way!)

4. Access to the (global) village. Consuming the brand equals membership in a global club. Think IBM's "solutions for a small planet." (F|R says: replace "global club" with social network.)

5. Social responsibility. Consumers expect global brands to lead on corporate social responsibility, leveraging their technology to solve the world's problems. Think Nestle and clean water. (Or F|R might say: think Google.)
F|R = Found+Read.

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