Tuesday, October 30, 2007

3 things to consider, that ought to help to develop a successful start-up in recession time

1) Go global.
Why? Because the weak U.S. dollar means a strong opportunity for exports, where our goods will be cheaper and therefore more competitive.
2) Go global.
Why? Because strong foreign economies--think China, India-- means a ready consumer base overseas to whom you can sell your products and services.
3) Go global.
Why? Because the strength of the U.S. economy, and our own ability to spend consumer dollars, depends upon a continued strong job market. And that depends on U.S. companies having a global presence. So, you need to have a global play to contribute to continued strength in consumer spending, as well as to be able to benefit from it. OK, so you're thinking a small startup can't necessarily afford global outposts or global operations. So when we say "go global" we mean develop your Web-based business--or the Web-strategy of your business--to cultivate a global customer base. Do anything you can to give your company global scope. Found|READ, for example, has readers from all over the world. We'll be back later with some resources for where to get angel funds, and how to give your business global scope.
Thank you, Found|Read. Very encouraging!

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