Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Third of mobile games 'fail' to work

Third of mobile games 'fail' to work


According to mobile application developer GetJar, one third of mobile games paid for and downloaded by UK users fail to work or have compatibility issues.

The bad news is supported by the fact that more than £29 million is spent each year on UK games that are never actually played because of problems.

Insufficient compatibility testing was blamed for the problems by GetJar and said the problem was likely to get worse unless developers put a greater focus on compatibility.

The report also found that just 15 per cent of gamers said their purchased games never failed.

Ilja Laurs, founder and chief executive of GetJar, said that many people surveyed blamed themselves for any problems and often did not pursue a compatibility issue, while the cost involved in correcting an issue often was more than the actual purchase price.

Research group GfK suggested the UK mobile gaming market was worth £83 million in 2006-07.


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