Thursday, March 13, 2008

some insights on angel investing

David Rose, the founder of New York Angels and Angelsoft, a software application that helps angel investing groups manage plans received by entrepreneurs, gives some great info on angels and angel investing.
[...] some highlights:
* There are 600K new companies started each year.
* Of those 350K are self-funded, 200K are funded by friends and family, 50K by Angel investors, and a mere 1200 by venture capitalists.
* The average angle has spent 9 years investing, had done 10 investments, had 2 exits (profitable or lost their money), and 10% of their wealth is tied up in angel investments.
* Angels look for companies with Scalable Business Models, an "Unfair Advantage," Great Entrepreneur, External Validation, Low Investment Requirement, Reasonable Valuation ($1 to $3 million pre-money range), and a 20 to 30 times return on their investment within 5 to 7 years.
* The single most important characteristic an Angel investor looks for in an entrepreneur is Integrity. Then they look for Passion, Experience, Knowledge, Skill, Leadership, Commitment, Vision, Realism, and Coachability.

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