Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Slow is the new fast

via Startup Blog


WAS (fast)

IS (slow)

Fast food, take out

Slow food, cooking, dinner parties

'Super' market, processed food, discounts, shelf life, conveniencve

Growing vegetables, farmers market, gourmet food, butchers, real ingredients, less packaging, joyful inconvenience and hence quality

Get rich quick, money making schemes, flipping –shares & property assets, asset accumulation

Passion jobs, wealth in doing, not keeping score, grand designs, experience accumulation

Instant coffee – isolated ergogenic aid

Café latte, macchiato, espresso cappuccino – discussion and social facilitation.

Cheap, more, value

Premium, less, gourmet,

Doing more, expectations

Taking time, internalizing

Ladder climbing, competition, job hoping

Ladder building, collaboration, sabbaticals

Long hours, skipping meals, avoiding exercise, financial objectives, excuse making

Work (no such thing) 'life' balance, not skipping anything worth doing. Late on purpose.

Spending less on more

Spending more on less

Pay rates, fringe benefits, promotional opportunities

Mind growth, real flexibility, independence

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