Thursday, February 21, 2008

how to publish facebook status updates to twitter

With the addition of public facing feeds to Facebook I am now able to publish my status on Facebook to Twitter.   
Here's how you can do it also.

First, find your status RSS feed on Facebook.   It is buried.  (Thanks Bizzle! for helping me find mine.)  To find it, you need to visit your profile on Facebook and on your mini-feed select "See All".   On the right you will see a list of items, select "status stories" and finally below this a feed link can be found.

Don't see a mini-feed on your profile page? 

You've most likely been changed your feed settings.  Resetting them to their default values from the feed preference page will bring back the mini-feed.

Finally add your newly found status RSS feed to the TwitterFeed service.  I set mine to update every thirty minutes, prefixed it with "From Facebook..." and am publishing just the title from the status feed.

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